Power-Tek Group RFP 1 – Marketing Creative Services

Submit a proposal to develop marketing resources for Power-Tek Group by December 2. 


1. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is an invitation by Power-Tek Group to
prospective proponents to a submit a proposal to supply marketing creative services as further described herein. 
2. Purpose of Request for Proposal
  • To obtain detailed written proposals from proponents regarding their experience, understanding of the project and capabilities in providing the services as further described in Section 5.
  • To solicit proposals in a standard format that will enable Power-Tek to compare and evaluate proponents and potentially award a contract based on the evaluation criteria specified in Section 6.
  • To select a qualified proponent to supply these services on an as needed basis for a period of up to three (3) years.
  • Obtain quality services at the best overall value.
3. Power-Tek Group
Founded in 1996, Power-Tek Group is an Ottawa-based integrated, multi trade construction company with over 75 employees and four operating divisions: Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, HVAC and Refrigeration Contracting and Real Estate Acquisition and Development. Over its 24-year history, Power-Tek Group has completed over $300M worth of construction projects throughout Eastern Ontario. Power-Tek Group is a dynamic, progressive company, committed to providing its customers with the highest level safety and quality construction, facility management, service and technical solutions.
Electrical Contracting Our electrical division is a full-service provider of ICI electrical contracting services, ranging from design-build, new construction, tenant fit-up and 24-hour emergency service.
General Contracting Our general contracting division is a full-service provider of ICI design-build, tenant fit-up, construction management and facility maintenance services.
HVAC and Refrigeration Contracting Our HVAC and refrigeration division is a fullservice provider of ICI refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning contracting services, ranging from design-build, new construction and 24-hour emergency service.
Real Estate Our real estate division is specialized in the acquisition, development and management of industrial and multi-residential properties.
4. Type of Agreement for Services
The preferred proponent will be requested to enter into negotiations for an
agreement with Power-Tek Groupfor the provision of the services.
This RFP solicitation is intended to result in the award of an agreement for a one (1) year period with an option in favour of Power-Tek Group to negotiate extensions to the term of the agreement for up to two (2) additional periods of up to one (1) year each.
It is anticipated the agreement will be executed on or around December 7, 2022.
5. No Guarantee of Volume of Work
Power-Tek Group estimates the value of the services provided in the first year of the contract to be approximately $100,000. Power-Tek Group makes no guarantee of the value or volume of work to be assigned to the successful proponent.
6. Description of Services
The successful proponent will provide the following services:
  • Design of print and digital marketing resources based on specifications from Power-Tek Group.
  • Video production and editing.
  • Management of social media advertising purchases.
  • Professional advice and guidance on marketing initiatives to the internal Power-Tek Group marketing team.
7. Evaluation
Evaluation of the proposals will be conducted by the Power-Tek Group Evaluation Committee using the criteria below.
Power-Tek Group shall determine the membership of the Evaluation Committee, which may include external consultants and advisors. Power-Tek Group may hire an independent consultant or use any Power-Tek Group resource to assist in the evaluation of any proposal. Not all members of the Evaluation Committee will necessarily participate in all aspects of the evaluation.
Evaluation Criteria
Proponent’s Understanding - 5%
  • Proponents requested to confirm their understanding of the services 5% it will provide.
Proponent’s Demonstrated Experience Providing the Services - 45%
Proponents requested to:
  • Confirm it can provide the services
  • Provide its corporate profile
  • Confirm how long it has provided these types of services and types of clients served
  • Describe its experience in providing each of these services and provide examples of products produced for clients
  • Describe its preferred process of working with clients to develop their creative materials
  • Provide three references who can confirm its ability to provide these services
Proponent Team Experience - 25%
Proponents requested to:
  • Identify all team members who will provide services to Power-Tek Group, including a short description of their qualifications, experience and length of time providing the service (resumes not required)
  • Identify a lead who will be the primary contact with Power- Tek Group
  • Availability of staff to provide the services i.e. turnaround time to respond to Power-Tek Group requests, hours of availability, availability for evening or weekend work
Proponent Cost - 25%
Proponents requested to identify:
  • Hourly rate for each staff member identified to provide these services plus any applicable taxes
  • Any premium for evening, weekend or rush work
  • Any other costs to be billed to Power-Tek Group to provide the services
  • Preferred payment terms and method (EFT, cheque)
It is important that proposals clearly provide all the necessary information so that a thorough assessment of each proposal can be completed by the Evaluation Team.
The response to each criterion should:
  • Be complete, concise, factual; bullet point format is acceptable.
  • Answer to the information requested demonstrating the proponent’s capabilities.


8. RFP Timetable
Issue of RFP: November 11th, 2022
Proponent Deadline for Questions: November 18th, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. ET
Deadline for Issuing Responses to Questions: November 23rd, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Proposal Submission Deadline: December 2nd, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. ET
Anticipated Award Date: December 7th, 2022
All times specified in this RFP timetable are local times in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada (Eastern).
Power-Tek Group may amend any timeline, including the Proposal Submission Deadline, without liability, cost, or penalty and shall advise  rospective proponents.
9. Proponents Shall Bear Their Own Costs
Every proponent shall bear all costs and expenses incurred by the proponent
relating to any aspect of its participation in the RFP process.
10. Proponents Submitting Multiple Proposals
Proponents may submit more than one proposal. If an alternate proposal is submitted, it must be a physically separate document, clearly marked as an alternate proposal. Each proposal will be evaluated independently, without regard to the other proposal submitted by the proponent. As a result, every proposal must be complete on its own.
11. Communication after RFP Issuance
All communications regarding any aspect of this RFP must be directed to the
following RFP Coordinator:
Name: David Lindsay
Email: david.lindsay@power-tek.on.ca
Proponents that fail to comply with the requirement to direct all communications to the RFP Coordinator may be disqualified from the RFP process.
12. Proponents to Review RFP
Proponents shall promptly examine the RFP and:
  • Report any errors, omissions, or ambiguities; and
  • Direct questions or seek additional information in writing by e-mail to the RFP
  • Coordinator (identified in Section 11) in accordance with RFP Timetable in Section 8).\


13. Proposal Submission Requirements
  • To be considered in the RFP process, a proposal must be received on or before the Proposal Submission Deadline as set out in Section 8. Proposals submitted after the Submission Deadline will be rejected.
  • Proposals must be sent to the following email address: david.lindsay@powertek.on.ca
  • Email submissions are to use the following subject line: Power-Tek Group RFP 1.
  • Power-Tek Group has an email size limitation of 10MB. Proponent submissions exceeding that size must be split into smaller files to ensure delivery of the proposal. Identify within the email submission the number of files and the number of e-mails that make up the submission in the subject line if you are sending more than one email.
  • At any time throughout the RFP process, a proponent may withdraw a submitted proposal. To affect a withdrawal, a notice of withdrawal must be sent to the RFP Coordinator and must be signed by an authorized representative. Power-Tek Group is under no obligation to return withdrawn proposals.
  • A proponent may amend its proposal after submission, but only if the proposal is amended and resubmitted before the Proposal Submission Deadline. The proponent must provide notice to the RFP Coordinator in writing and replace its proposal with a revised proposal, in accordance with the requirements of this RFP. Power-Tek Group is under no obligation to return amended or any proposals.
  • Power-Tek Group will not return the proposal, or any accompanying documentation/samples submitted by a proponent in response to this RFP.
  • Power-Tek Group shall have the right to amend or supplement this RFP in writing prior to the Proposal Submission Deadline. No other statement, whether written or oral, shall amend this RFP. The proponent is responsible to ensure it has received all addenda.