Entro Award for Placemaking Design Winners: Hanseul Jo, Maria Zaina, Khanh Ma Student RGD, Jessica Acevedo Provisional RGD

Winning Project: Raised in Chinatown Exhibit, for the Chinatown Storytelling Centre by Hanseul Jo, Maria Zaina, Khanh Ma Student RGD, Jessica Acevedo Provisional RGD Langara College, Vancouver, BC


Award sponsored by Entro


Raised in Chinatown Exhibit, for the Chinatown Storytelling Centre

The exhibit aims to engage visitors in the stories being told at the Chinese Storytelling Centre, fostering a sense of collective narrative continuity throughout the exhibition. It celebrates Chinese Canadian youth from the 1910s to the 1960s, highlighting their identity, resilience and vibrancy. The approach avoids Chinese stereotypes, focusing on the unique experiences of Chinese Canadians while embracing community celebration.

Educator Support: Scot Geib, Joseph Gallaccio


Honourable Mentions:




  • Jen Cook, Affiliate Member, Creative Director at Science World, Vancouver, BC
  • Logan Brazeau RGD, Director, Communication Strategies at Lett Architects, Peterborough, ON
  • Jacqueline Tang, Creative Director at Entro, Toronto, ON