Past Winners in the Designer-Driven Category

Work where no client is involved but that where designers identify causes they would like to raise awareness for or where they identify solutions to societal challenges. This might include a poster design to raise awareness; a website for a petition to demonstrate support of an issue; a communications-based solution to change behaviour.



  • Our Home and Native Land - Underline Studio
    Underline was invited to curate and design an issue of the Wayward Arts series celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. The studio used the opportunity to interrogate the country’s often-glossed-over history and ongoing relationship with Indigenous pe...
  • For this Passion Project, the goal was to create something that facilitated empathy and human compassion through design. After some exploration, Marissa landed on loneliness as a lens through which to explore the topic.
  • Dementia is a growing problem, affecting millions of Canadians. As dementia progresses, it’s very common for the circle of care to grow as needs do. But it can take weeks for caregivers to learn about a person’s care preferences. Small details matter...
  • The goal was to create something engaging that would bring people in Vancouver together, build a sense of connection and create a feeling of community.