Grand Park 2 was a complete rebrand of the second phase of a condominium development project in Mississauga. The project had been on the market for a while and needed a boost in leads and sales velocity. For this reason, the client decided to move forward with the design of a new logo, marketing materials, advertising and presentation centre. The new identity of Grand Park 2 is graphic and contemporary, with elegantly modern colours, strong typography and a bold pattern. These elements help to set this project apart from other real estate marketing campaigns. Advertisements, a brochure, floorplan package and a bold new presentation centre were designed for the relaunch of this project.
Aimee Wood RGD
Senior Graphic Designer
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March 4, 2013
Other Capabilities
Branding, Packaging, Web
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English, French
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Why am I a designer?
I find the connection between art, design and business strategy to be fascinating and I always knew that I wanted to work in a creative field. Being a designer provides me with many opportunities that I may not have experienced if I chose a different profession. Each day is filled with learning something new, thinking creatively, solving problems, connecting with clients to discuss their business goals and the ability to work within a team environment.