As an in-house designer for the City of Toronto, I have the opportunity to work for diverse communication pieces for both internal and public campaigns. In this example, I worked with BudgetTO 19-20, for this campaign Transit Shelter Ads, Brochures, Buck Slips, Instagram videos and Social media posts were created.
Andrea Rodriguez RGD
Designer, Lettering & Mural Artist
Member since
December 20, 2018
260 Scarlett Road
M6N 4X6
(647) 868 2208
Areas of Specialty
Design Education, Illustration, Typography
Other Capabilities
Book Design, Corporate Communications, Design Education, Digital Marketing, Illustration, Information Design, Motion Design, Photography
Languages Covered
English, French, Spanish
Interested in Freelance
Availability for freelance work
Why am I an RGD?
I am an RGD because I think that the association builds a positive community. Moreover, I believe that exchanging ideas and collaborating is the key to better design. RGD also contributes to bringing a lot more credibility to the design profession.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
- My small webinar in 2019. I got super nervous and talked way too fast; even though I practiced a lot beforehand. I hope I will do it again this year and improve upon it.
- Attending DesignThinkers several years in a row and having the opportunity to see Jessica Walsh, Paula Scher, Alex Trochut, and Lauren Hom.
Why am I a designer?
I am a designer because as a creative thinker, I have the constant need to re-evaluate the visual aspect of my environment. I love the idea of having a wide variety of creative opportunities. I am constantly exploring new ways of visual communication. I love typography, logos and brand strategy.
Why should you hire me?
You should hire me because I am both a strategic and creative resource. I align inspiration, business objectives and story-telling into powerful and clear experiences.
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Five years is a long time, but let's say I will be in Toronto working as a designer.