Over six years ago Carol Belmonte launched Belmonte Raw by bringing salads via bicycle to hungry office workers. At the time of their inception there were no organic places offering what Belmonte Raw was creating. Carol recognized this need and it struck a chord with customers, so much so that many of those original clients remain loyal to Belmonte Raw, still picking up salads, juices, nut milks and smoothies as the brand continues to grow. Along with this growth, a new brand identity was required - one that was more in sync with the new direction of Belmonte Raw. A more premium identity was created to differentiate from all the playful juice branding in the marketplace. A paired down palette allowed the colour of the food to shine and communications were lead by brand statements that brought the product to life. The underline below the "E" in Belmonte was included sinced most people don't pronounce it and instead keep it silent. This was a source of frustration so the underline was created as a tool for brand enlightenment.
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