In June 2017, Robyn Colangelo joined the West End Phoenix as Art Director, a local newspaper started by Dave Bidini. Robyn developed the paper's brand (nameplate, style of newspaper), designed the first issue and offered creative support. She is lucky to work with an amazing team of determined, tireless, talented humans: Editor-In-Chief Dave Bidini, Deputy Editor Melanie Morassutti, Managing Editor Janet Morassutti, Senior Editor Sue Grimbly and Photo Editor Jalani Morgan (thanks for the photo!). With a warm nod to Liz Ikiriko for her work in the early days. Working on the West End Phoenix has given Robyn an opportunity to implement a visual language that she has honed over many years. Her approach is part utilitarian—due to her 10,000 hours working in corporate communications—while simultaneously breaking most of the rules to create a fresh look for a format historically bound with convention. SUBSCRIBE at
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June 23, 2005
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