Design and production of a top 30 music video show for MuchMore.
Scott Ferguson RGD
Bell Media
Senior Motion Designer
Member since
February 26, 2010
299 Queen Street West
M5V 2Z5
(416) 384-2544
Languages Covered
Interested in Freelance
Availability for freelance work
Nights and weekends.
Why am I an RGD?
Staying connected with designers outside of my niche of motion design has been inspiring and helps me see the big picture. I also support the advocacy efforts of RGD on behalf of designers.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Making friends with other great designers while studying for the RGD exam.
Why am I a designer?
Working in design has always been a calling for me. There are so many facets of design to explore both on the creative and technical side that it has consistently remained a fun, challenging, and rewarding career.
Why should you hire me?
I have 16 years of experience in design and have worked with and learned from some of the greatest people in television broadcasting.