Tiffany Runge RGD
Owner/Creative Director
Member since
January 10, 2007
Sault Ste Marie
Areas of Specialty
Corporate Communications, Information Design, Signage/Wayfinding
Other Capabilities
Book Design, Branding, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, Illustration, Information Design, Packaging, Signage/Wayfinding, Typography, Web Design
Languages Covered
English, French, Spanish, Norwegian
Interested in Freelance
Why am I an RGD?
I earned my RGD designation in 2007. At that time in my career it seemed the right thing to do. Every year at renewal time I ask myself, should I renew? Then I consider the value I receive as an RGD member, the resources and information at my fingertips, and the feeling of being part of the RGD community. And every year, I always decide 'yes.'
Why am I a designer?
It's another way of being artistic. Back in the day, a graphic designer was called a commercial artist. As a teenager, I thought it was so cool. Now I'm a designer and an artist, and I look at design as another means of communicating visually. I find my artistic ability flavours a lot of my design work, and I especially enjoy combining them to provide design solutions.
Why should you hire me?
Hiring an RGD with 15+ years of successful design experience means you're assured a level of creativity, quality and professionalism that you might not otherwise receive.