Past Webinars

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  • Presented by Hajj Flemings
    Today, we live in a digital economy that forces us to disrupt ourselves. With virtually unlimited access to information – anytime, anywhere and the rise of the ubiquitous content delivery platform it is critical to unde...
  • Presented by Nadine Chahine
    According to the 2013 Meeker Report, the average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day. Now imagine a world where all your devices have a screen and browser access–your car dashboard, fridge, even your toothbr...
  • Presented by Iffat Jokhio RGD
    Information is everywhere and presenting it properly can make the difference between confusion and communication.
  • Presented by Jason Tselentis
    As an in-house designer, do you ever feel like there’s a language barrier? Do emails and meetings prove to be less than productive?
  • Presented by Scot Patriquin, Partner at WeirFoulds LLP


    This webinar focuses on identifying and navigating intellectual property issues in creative services contracts.

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