What I wish I knew when I was graduating from design school
Presented by Hayden Aube, Heather Stokes and Chad Weiss.
Listen in on 3 Provisional RGD Members as they explain the lessons they've learned in the early stages of their career that they wish they knew when they were just graduating from design school. Receive advice on social networking, portfolio and resume best practices, the interview process and turning your job into your dream job.





Hayden Aube Provisional RGD

After recently returning from a two year stint in London, England as a freelance web designer, Hayden has shifted his focus to his two major passions in life—illustration and teaching. Today, Hayden teaches online classes to 1,000's of students, produces illustrations for clients around the world and creates a variety of self-initiated projects to promote good in the creative community.


Coming out of design school can be intimidating. Suddenly every decision you make decides your future; Where should my first job be? What kind of work should I do? What kind of company should I work for? Not only is it okay to not have this figured out, but with little to no experience, how could you really?


Heather Stokes Provisional RGD

Heather currently specializes in branding, editorial, websites, and corporate communications at Zync Agency in Toronto. After finishing school for design and getting a few internships under her belt, she graduated top of her class and dove into her design career. She has now worked in two agencies over three and a half years. Much of what Heather learned in design school has come to good use — but there is also a lot she wishes she had known when she was still in school, and especially when she was starting her first job hunt.


Heather will discuss job hunting as a new designer. There’s a lot of advice out there about designing your portfolio and writing your resume. You might have a great portfolio already—but how do you get it out there? How do get yourself in front of creative directors? And what do you do when you're finally there? Heather will discuss the importance of social networking, sending your portfolio and resume, and how to prepare for the interview. 

Chad Weiss Provisional RGD
A day-dreamer with a big heart and an even bigger appetite, Chad is an award-winning designer, an optimist, and a pastry enthusiast. Since 2013, he’s been honing the craft of corporate design at the Sudbury & District Health Unit. A life-long learner, Chad is currently working towards a degree in communications and eagerly throws himself into any situation that offers growth as a designer. A mentor for colleagues and student RGD’s, Chad enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for design. 
As an in-house graphic designer, Chad will share tales about being his own mentor, the importance of self-motivation, staying current, and being the black sheep in a large organization.

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