Where Strategy and Design Intersect
Presented by Laila Zichmanis
Art can invoke “any” idea or emotion to have value to its beholder. Design must evoke “the right” idea and emotion to its beholder – which for a business is a customer or prospect. Design has to be strategically correct in order to build brand equity, and propel the brand and thus the business forward. Great design then, is freedom within bounds.

This webinar uncovers what lies inside the intersection of strategy and design, and how you can translate one to the other with maximum impact. Whether you are a graphic, web or experiential designer, Laila shows that while a superior strategy sets a brand up for success, the implementation of that strategy through design makes success happen, as the brand literally comes alive.


About Laila Zichmanis

Laila spent two decades in roles that demanded not only the development of high quality strategies, but also, their translation into every aspect of the business, starting with brand design. Laila has held senior roles in brand management, retail category management and general management at blue chip companies such as Procter & Gamble and Canadian Tire. She founded and runs a brand management firm Lumena, which focuses on both brand launch and invigoration, and whose essence is “building brand momentum”. Laila has worked closely with many graphic and web designers and has a deep understanding of how strategy and design work together in the most impactful way. One of her side passions is science and within that, astronomy, at times drawing from both in her practice of brand management.


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