Strategic Thinking for Designers presented by Douglas Davis
Presented by Douglas Davis
As client design requests become more demanding, budgets shift in-house and turnaround times get shorter, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be asked for a strategy. If you were asked to translate the rational language of business into the emotional language of design, where would you start?

In this two part webinar/strategy session, Douglas will walk you through the framework to create your own template when developing the strategic context behind the creative execution.


Part 1: Find Inspiration in Order, taken from his book Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, Douglas walks through implementing the Creative Strategy Framework, giving you a foundation to create concepts, write a brief or defend your strategy during a pitch.


From there, Part 2: Communications Planning, is the high level deep dive for mid to senior designers who are in charge of an in-house department or ready to add another billable capability to their skillset.


Regardless of where you are in your career, join us for an introduction to left-brain business skills for right-brain creative thinkers. Enter curious, and leave with tools that will help you deliver creativity that is on brand on strategy and on message.


About Douglas Davis

Brooklyn-based Douglas Davis enjoys being one of the variety of voices needed in front of and behind the concept. His approach to creativity combines right-brained creative problem solving with left-brained strategic thinking. Douglas’ integrated point of view has enabled his natural evolution from designer to strategist, author and professor. In 2016, Douglas wrote his first book Creative Strategy and the Business of Design and regularly contributes to the business of design discourse in Applied Arts, The European Business Review, HOW Magazine and Douglas enjoys interacting with creative people and presents at industry conferences such as HOW Design Live, RGD Design Thinkers, The One Club Educators Summit, Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, Revolve and The Art & Branding Conference. In 2011 Douglas founded The Davis Group LLC and continues to offer strategic solutions to client branding, digital and design problems. In addition to client work, Douglas leverages his professional experience to inspire high school, undergraduate and graduate students. As the longest serving member on the 4A’s High School Advisory Board, his advertising and academic experience was translated into the four-year curriculum for iAM, New York City’s High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media. Following the launch of iAM, Douglas contributed as an education advisor to the launch of the Manhattan Early College School for Advertising (MECA). He is an associate professor within the Communication Design department at CUNY’s New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn and adjunct associate professor in the Branding and Integrated Communications (BIC) program at City College.