Design as a Force for Good - How to Give your Customers Positive Mindsets

Presented by Pete Sena

Pete shares stories, specific tactics and exercises that people can do with their teams and clients to unlock more possibilities and action.


Participants will learn how to use "gamestorming" and design thinking to innovate.


About Pete Sena

Pete is a creative technologist obsessed with the intersection of design, business, entrepreneurship and strategy. In 2004, he founded a digital marketing agency called Digital Surgeons to fuse his love of design and technology. In the decade-plus since, Digital Surgeons has grown into a global innovation & design consultancy that’s uncovered insights, delivered award-winning experiences and engineered growth for Fortune 50s and startups alike.


Pete is passionate about how design thinking can help frame, ideate and prototype solutions to the complex issues that face today’s organizations. New ways of connecting, making purchases and consuming media are displacing legacy brands and businesses. But there is opportunity in change — the opportunity to meet your consumers on emerging platforms, connect previously unimaginable dots, and design the brands, business models and experiences of tomorrow.