Bring Your Own Seat to the Table: How to Create a Culture of Design

Presented by Andy Vitale



The role of the user has changed from isolated to connected, unaware to informed, passive to active. As a result, business, marketing and design strategies must be focused on the overall customer experience to create greater value earlier.


Learning how to design WITH users, instead of FOR them, can be an entire cultural shift for some organizations. Designers are often brought in as a last-minute checkbox. External designers are still championed as experts while internal design teams are scattered, hidden in a corner. Design integration is crucial to create great experiences across all touch points, even within companies that have been successful without it in the past. A design culture is more than ping pong tables, free food and a pretty workspace. It’s about providing the tools, environment and alignment with business objectives to solve customer problems; it's about having leadership in place who appreciate the value design adds, and who have invested financially and philosophically in design. In this webinar, Andy explains how designers can utilize tools and methodologies to improve organizational culture by approaching it as a design problem. Drawing from real experiences, he shares tactics for getting a seat at the table, as well as a strategy for advancing design maturity within an organization. Join us to help identify how design is positioned within your organization, recognize the path to improve the current state of design contributions, measure and communicate the impact of design to obtain and take away ideas to integrate design culture across your organization.

Attendees will learn to:
- Identify the level of design maturity and culture within their organization
- Understand the value a mature culture of experience can add to their organization and how they can contribute
- Utilize designer math to communicate results in ways that are meaningful to stakeholders
- Learn what it takes to get a seat at the table, and more importantly how to keep that seat
- Leverage design tools and principles to align processes, as well as create a roadmap to influence and evolve organizational culture.

About Andy Vitale

Andy is the UX Director, Wholesale Banking at SunTrust Bank, one of the nation’s largest financial services companies, where he is focused on translating human insights into actionable experiences to improve the product and service ecosystem within the finance industry. Andy is responsible for leading all user experience efforts for SunTrust’s B2B enterprise solutions, advancing design strategies and driving design awareness as a critical function for competitive advantage and market differentiation.

Andy holds a Master’s Degree in User Experience Design and has previously held multiple roles as a designer, entrepreneur, education department chair, and design leader. With a proven ability to lead change and process improvements, Andy has developed strategies and design solutions for multiple industries within diverse organizations ranging from startups to Fortune ranked companies. He is a relentless user experience evangelist, with a passion for cognitive thinking and humanizing technology, driven by a user-centered passion that takes cross-functional teams, and their products, from good to great.

Aside from his primary role at SunTrust, Andy serves as Director of Design Impact for AIGA Minnesota and is an adjunct professor for Kent State University’s User Experience Design graduate program. He is also a member of the UXPA Cleveland Senior Advisory Board and the Program Advisory Committee for the Graphic Design & Interactive Media Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Andy often writes about design and speaks at industry conferences and events.