Talent Forecast: Who You Need To Hire This Year

Presented by Theresa Casarin


Ask most agency and marketing executives about one of the pressing questions on their minds and they’ll probably deliver the same answer: What talent will we need to remain competitive in the coming years and how do we retain them? It’s a good question, and one we’ll be answering in our session today.


About Theresa Casarin

Theresa joined Creative Niche in September 2011, bringing years of experience in the creative recruitment field. As a trusted consulting resource and partner, Theresa has a talent for understanding her clients’ needs, then meeting them by sourcing the right talent quickly and effectively. Specializing in the creative and interactive industries, she joined Creative Niche with an extensive network of qualified candidates, including creative directors, art directors, designers, copywriters, developers and many more highly-skilled personnel. Theresa leverages her marketing-communications background—particularly in digital—each day, and thrives on ensuring her candidates and clients enjoy industry-leading service and a hiring process that’s as simple and seamless as possible.