How to Get Better Clients with Bigger Budgets
Presented by Ilise Benun, founder of and author of 7 books
The key to getting better clients with bigger budgets is knowing exactly who those “better clients” are and positioning yourself for them, so that they say, “You are exactly who we need.


Join Ilise as she demonstrates how the designers, copywriters and strategists she mentors are achieving this, how she does it for herself, and how you can too.


Takeaways include:

  • How to connect the dots of your marketing to get your message in front of the right people while simultaneously eliminating the Feast or Famine Syndrome
  • The 3 most effective marketing tools for 2019 – use these and you won’t need anything else
  • How they work together to attract the companies you want to work with and persuade them you are the perfect fit
  • How to bring your creativity to your own marketing and make it manageable so you’ll actually do it


About Ilise Benun 

Ilise is the founder of, the go-to online resource for creative professionals who want better projects with bigger budgets. She is a national speaker and the author of 7 business books, including The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money. She is a business coach and adjunct faculty Maryland Institute College of Art. She is host of the Get Better Clients Bootcamp, a Program Partner for HOW Design Live and host of The HOW Design Live podcast. Follow her on Twitter @ilisebenun, subscribe to the and sign up for her Quick Tips here: