Fantastic Projects And How To Find Them

Presented by Steffen Christiansen

As designers we spent our career looking for the perfect project to appear. What if these projects are already right in front of us? Fantastic projects can be found everywhere if we just teach ourselves how to see them.
In this presentation, we’ll learn what it takes to see the unseen potential in projects, and how to bring it to life in your own work. Simply put: How to make trash into treasure. 
About Steffen Christiansen
Steffen is the Creative Director at design and experience agency, Jam3. Steffen was born and raised in Denmark and is currently based in Toronto. He specializes in Digital Products & Experiences, as well as Branding & Illustration across all platforms. He is driven by passion and eagerness to discover and push the limits of design and technology - which is a topic he could definitely dive into on the show. Also, Steffen strongly believes in engaging the audience through strong emotion, a glint in the eye, and a well-crafted solution that inspires and moves the observer. The first step in his approach is always a clear and clever concept that adds depth and personality to the project. Simply put: Great work should always be well made, have that human touch, and hopefully, make you smile.

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