Accessibility in Design Series: Creating Accessible Mobile Apps

Presented by Simon Kim and Janis Yee, hosted by Magued Hanna RGD



Accessibility on the web tends to get prime-time attention, while accessibility for mobile apps is not yet clearly defined. As designers, it is our responsibility now to do what we can to create easily accessible mobile apps. In this webinar, presenters will discuss challenges with accessibility in mobile apps and look at how we can leverage the mobile OS accessibility function.


About Magued Hanna RGD

Magued is a creative leader with over 20 years of strategic, management, and hands-on expertise across media and industries–from fintech and real estate to high tech and automotive. As one of only a handful of UX Master certified professionals in Canada,
he has a deep understanding of UX for web and mobile, as well as a passion for accessibility. He also knows what it takes to grow a successful design team from the ground up–and how to foster collaboration, innovation, and excellence in cross-functional teams.

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility. presented by Simon Kim
As designers, our decisions can have serious downstream impacts on the accessibility of the products we work on, sometimes unintentionally excluding entire groups of potential users. Both iOS and Android include robust support for accessibility, but it’s up our teams to apply those technologies in order to make product more accessible to users who are blind, have low vision or motor impairment. This talk will cover how to integrate accessibility into your design process, how to support VoiceOver/TalkBack and Voice Control/Voice Access in your mobile apps, as well as common pitfalls to avoid along the way.
About Simon Kim
Simon is a product designer at Deloitte Digital in Toronto, helping clients bring their digital products to life. His passion lies in designing well thought-out product experience that brings a positive impact to people's lives. He is driven by the belief that technology is a powerful tool that can change our world for the better and he always aim to advocate for the users through user-centred design practices while solving tough business challenges.
Accessibility in the Development Process by Janis Yee
Sometimes the designer or the QA specialist is the first to be aware of accessibility. Because of this, the bulk of responsibility rests on their shoulders. Typically audits are done once project is complete but by then it's too late and the entire project will need remediation. Accessibility is the responsibility of everyone on the team. This talk will be partly about advocacy of accessibility and suggests ways to embed it into the different phases of the development process. And recommends what everyone's responsibility is. So that projects are built with accessibility first.
About Janis Yee
With a passion for Design, Accessibility, and User Research, Janis has made a career as a designer, an educator, a writer and local guest speaker. Her articles on Medium have been featured in and UXResearchTO. Her talks were hosted at local events by Wordcamp, A11yTO, and RGD. Since 2004, she has watched the tech industry evolve, and adapted with it - moving from humble roots in Graphic Design to becoming a self-taught UX and Accessibility professional. The gamut of her experience encompasses organizations of all sizes from early stage startups to large corporations including Scotiabank, Canada Post, and Rogers Media. Throughout, she has held numerous positions as both Senior Designer and Accessibility Lead. As an educator, she has taught and mentored design students at General Assembly Toronto and Ladies Learning Code. She continues to assist as a career coach to designers of all stages in their career, including providing advice on job readiness, career advancement, changing careers, and breaking into the tech industry. Her unique experience and exposure also allows her to provide insightful assistance to individuals seeking to learn more about accessibility and user research.


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