Presenters include Ceri Higgs Prov RGD and Yan Zhang RGD




Two Professionals share their expertise and tips to broaden your skill set and enhance your design efficiency and effectiveness. 



Title: Save Yourself with File Naming and Organization

Presented by Ceri Higgs Prov RGD

It's not sexy, but regardless of what your role is or where you work, we all need to name and save files daily. A foolproof system will help prevent a designer's worst nightmare: losing hours of work. Do you have clients that routinely go back and forth with their design choices? Are you working with a team that has a haphazard way of organizing projects? Are you ready to pull your hair out? Save time and your sanity by learning an easy, adaptable file naming and organization system. I'll show you the file name breakdown I use, how to revise file names, a file folder organization system for both assets and projects, and how to break down the folders within those projects, among other things. These few minutes with me could save you countless minutes in the future!

Title: Three Ways Managers Can Support Designers’ Mental Health

Presented by Yan Zhang RGD

As a manager, besides telling the designers don't take it personally, what else could we do to support them when they get stressed out by some clients? This session explores the three ways to support our team members' wellness complete with real-life examples and tips as to how to support your team members to build resilience. The tools we can use to respond with these challenges are right around us, in our communities, to help others and have a lasting impact.