RGD Webinar: Communicating Your Value as a Designer

Presented by Elana Rudick RGD



In an increasingly competitive industry, amidst an ever-changing economic landscape, how do you set yourself apart? How do you demonstrate your worth and find opportunities for career advancement whether you’re in-house, at an agency or running your own show?


In this presentation, Elana will walk you through behaviours you can adopt to get noticed and gain respect from peers and clients alike. 


About Elana Rudick RGD

Elana is the Founder and Creative Director at Design Is Yummy; an award-winning studio in Montreal that specializes in crafting design solutions to cohesively communicate brand identities. Over the past 15 years, Elana has had the opportunity to collaborate with countless creatives, build successful design teams, and foster meaningful relationships with clients. Elana is also a mentor for the UX Design Career Track at Springboard. When not working on her RGB glow, you can find her picking through design books or at home baking with her 2 tiny humans.



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