RGD UX Design Webinar Series: Accessibility in UX

Presented by Wendy Tabor RGD and Matt Rae. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD.



This Series is presented by RGD in partnership with Adobe XD 


About Magued Hanna RGD

Magued is a creative leader with over 20 years of strategic, management, and hands-on expertise across media and industries–from fintech and real estate to high tech and automotive. As one of only a handful of UX Master certified professionals in Canada,
he has a deep understanding of UX for web and mobile, as well as a passion for accessibility. He also knows what it takes to grow a successful design team from the ground up–and how to foster collaboration, innovation, and excellence in cross-functional teams.

Wendy’s presentation will answer questions about the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing world, and offer direct insight into what accessibility means for this community. Also her presentation will discuss exactly what accessible design entails for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and share some useful resources to increase the hearing world’s knowledge about this engaging culture.
About Wendy Tabor RGD
Wendy Tabor is an in-house generalist graphic designer currently working in the medical imaging industry. She has seven years of professional experience in healthcare, rental housing, and technology. Wendy is also very proud to be Hard-of-Hearing and uses her experiences and design skills to provide the medical field with a more inclusive view of those who are seeking care. 
In her spare time, she has some creative projects from painting to fibrecrafts and photography. 
Talk: Prototyping for touch free experiences with voice and sound
Prototyping for accessibility is more important than ever, but historically experience design tools have been limited to the screen. Learn how we can leverage voice and sound to prototype and test touch free experiences. 


About Matt Rae

Matt is Product / UX Designer, writer and speaker... among other things. He currently spend his days training teams and community groups on Adobe XD workflows to enhance their productivity, while writing about best-practices for the Adobe XD Learn portal. Coming from a decade in product design, across industries including travel, autonomous vehicles, EdTech and advertising technology, he’s now focused on equipping designers with resources to design the best experiences using Adobe XD. He has a passion for user experience and developing the design community.



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