Conversations about Design and Social Good

What do we mean by “social good”? What’s the role of design in supporting social causes? How might we do better through the design process itself? As part of this year’s Awards program, we held a series of webinars hosted by RallyRally and Briteweb’s Principal Creative Director, Jay Wall RGD, exploring this complex topic.

As we wrap up the 2022 So(cial) Good Design Awards, RGD is providing access to video recordings of the full webinar series. 


So Good. So What? December 2, 2021

An international panel unpacks the term “social good design”, shares their unique perspectives and shows concrete examples of how designers can help create positive change. Panelists: Pali Palavathanan, Co-Founder & Creative Director at TEMPLO; Deroy Peraza, Partner & Creative Director at Hyperakt; Christina Rüegg Grässli, Creative Director at The New Division; Xandr Sutjiadi RGD, Founder & Creative Director at ArtOverMatter.


Not Good Enough, January 19, 2022

A candid discussion on design and social justice with Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Principal & Creative Director at LOKI, featuring highlights from participation in activist communities and reflections on the language of socially engaged design.


From Social Good to Design Justice, April 6, 2022

A presentation by Victoria Barnett of the Design Justice Network on how to improve the design process for social change, with an introduction to the concept of design justice and the 10 design justice principles.

Download the presentation slides.


In a Good Way: Briteweb’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022