This Awards Program celebrates emerging designers who are making an impact on the design community and beyond! 



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    Award Name and Branding: John Furneaux RGD and B3 Strategy



    2021 ULTRABOLD Award-Winner: Henry Slaughter


    2021 ULTRABOLD Finalists: Zoë Boudreau, Jazmin Lihou, Chris Reyes, Skylar Richard, Henry Slaughter, Mel Sutjiadi RGD and Claudia Yuen


    "Through the ULTRABOLD Awards, the RGD has been able to shine a spotlight on brilliant creative minds producing purposeful work. We are really proud to give emerging designers a platform during the initial, trying but defining, phase of their careers. Thank you, Henry and our 2021 finalists for showcasing the power of design," says Nicola Hamilton RGD, our President.