RGD Virtual Design Social

Learn, connect and be inspired
All Professional RGD Members are invited to attend RGD's weekly get-together for an informal chat with fellow creative professionals!


The Design Social is a new RGD event that aims to bring designers together for an intimate and informal virtual chat about everything—from the state of the design world to tips and resources that help us to work remotely. 


All Professional RGD Members are invited to attend!


Sessions are scheduled weekly Fridays at 5 PM Atlantic Time / 4 PM Eastern Time / 1 PM Pacific Time


Sessions are broken up into groups of 6-12 Members, each with an RGD Moderator to facilitate the conversation.


RSVP for upcoming dates at https://rgdhub.wufoo.com/forms/rgd-design-socials-rsvp


Join us to help stay informed, engaged, inspired and connected!


If you have any questions, email

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