RGD Design Educator Webinar: Connecting the industry to education. What can we do better?

Our panel discuss the challenges, barriers and opportunities that have arisen out of the need to transition education to a fully online format.

The fourth in a series that aims to help educators connect, share and thrive off each other in the design and education space. This series offers tips, dialogue, critical thought and a sense of community around design education. Each webinar will tackle a different topic in design academia. 


Date: Friday, November 27th at 12pm EST


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This panel covers:

  • What strategies are colleges using to connect industry to students? What are they? How do they work? What are the downfalls?
  • Is there a system that allows both industry and students to benefit from better connections?
  • Placements and internships have been around for years. Are any educators of colleges rethinking this space? Can it be re-invented or pushed to be even more beneficial?
  • Advisory committees, how do we feel about them? Pros, cons, changes?
  • Can a push for online create a better industry connection?


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Moderated by Bianca DiPietro RGD

Bianca is a Program Coordinator & Professor at Humber College in the Graphic Design Program. She has over 10 years of experience in design, ranging from traditional branding to experiential and digital design. Currently Bianca is interested in discovering meaningful work and finding ways to uncover personal impact within the design discipline. This extends into creating engaging educational environments for her students and bringing real world experiences into the college ecosystem. She’s participated in some international initiatives that have shed light on happiness within the educational space and wishes to explore this further.


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