RGD Webinar: The Evolution of Stock Photography Aesthetics

Presented by Sandra Iakovleva, Creative Editor and Content Team Lead at Depositphotos

This Webinar is Open to All!

The project “Stock Photography Then and Now” by Depositphotos covers the evolution of stock photography aesthetics from the early days with cliched handshakes and people in business attire smiling at the camera to the authentic and natural stock photos of today. 

This is an important project to narrow in not only on the aesthetic choices that are prevalent in the industry but to be in the know about the images that are outdated. Many still have negative associations with stock photography as something dull and cliched. There was a time and place for this opinion but as the world has changed, so has stock photography. 

The project draws on the examples of the past to showcase the stigma around stock photography, what influenced the aesthetics, what role technology played in this, and the social changes that took place to revolutionize stock photography. 


Date: Wednesday, May 27th at 12pm EST


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About Sandra Iakovleva

Sandra Iakovleva is a Creative Editor and Content Team Lead at Depositphotos. A former student at the University of Arts London. Devoted to the art of the written word, she’s an enthusiast and expert on the topics of photography, design, and content marketing. A big part of her professional endeavors includes curating the company’s creative projects, developing content strategies from scratch, and convincing about 20 people on a daily basis why good copywriting matters. 


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