Upcoming RGD & Community Events
  • Join our panelists as they share tips to guide designers along meaningful career paths while ensuring they stay productive and valued within their creative teams. They'll offer tips for managing conflict; define mentorship vs management; and identify the traits they most value in their team members and how to encourage and cultivate those traits in all creative professionals.

  • Presented by Jeannette Hanna

    A designer’s guide to Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous times. This webinar will provide you with tools and strategies for understanding and designing for today's increasingly complex business environments.

  • Presented by Jeremy Bailey

    Jeremy Bailey, Creative Director of FreshBooks, believes that empathy should be built into every product. His thought is that there is no "wrong" customer, just bad design.
  • Presented by Blair Enns

    ​Relevant ​to ​any ​creative ​or ​marketing professional ​who ​sets, ​negotiates ​or ​delivers ​price, Blair Enns ​addresses ​the key ​principles, ​rules ​and ​tips ​from his book Pricing Creativity. ​This ​webinar will ​leave ​the ​audience ​not ​only believing ​that ​they ​can ​charge ​much ​more, ​but ​showing ​them ​how ​to ​do ​it.

  • Presenters include Matthew Clark RGD, Peter Pimentel, Fidel Pena RGD and Cai Sepulis RGD.

    Four designers share their experiences of a project or situation that didn’t go well, lessons learned, and offer their best advice for your future success.

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