Upcoming RGD & Community Events
  • Presented by Steven Heller

    How to be a Design Expert is about how Steven has been called upon by media to represent different aspects, histories and issues related to design, illustration and popular art.

  • Join our panelists as they share what they’ve learned working for many years in award-winning internal creative agencies and address the challenges common to all in-house designers.

  • Presented by Timothy Samara

    The author of Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, provides insight and expertise on the subject of Type to prepare you for the RGD Certification Process.

  • Presented by Jeff Swystun

    Jeff will cover the changing landscape of traditional agencies, in-house creative, consultancies, and big tech companies. This is a battleground that strategists, marketers and designers need to understand to build resilient careers and businesses.

  • Join our panelists as they share tips to guide designers along meaningful career paths while ensuring they stay productive and valued within their creative teams. They'll offer tips for managing conflict; define mentorship vs management; and identify the traits they most value in their team members and how to encourage and cultivate those traits in all creative professionals.

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