Upcoming RGD & Community Events
  • Presented by Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD

    Design is an iterative process that looks at insights from different perspectives to deliver breakthrough ideas that add true value to brands while driving growth.

  • Presented by Dan Miller

    How might we design products for populations in which stigma is part of their experience? Understanding how to address these types of problems will enable us to design solutions for some of the largest challenges humans face today - in Healthcare, AI, Finance, Government, etc.

  • Presented by Asha Fereydouni & Kuldeep Kelkar

    HiPPO? Highest Paid Person’s Opinion! HiPPOs often make many design decisions within organizations–despite the best research and efforts by designers and other UX professionals–often producing failed re-designs and unused research reports.
  • Join our panelists as they discuss the internal and external processes an in-house team needs to be successful and how to effectively invest in strategic relationships and your team.

  • Four in-house designers will present an in-house project, and we’ll discuss the challenges and merits of these projects being done in-house.

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