As my thesis project for my final year in the YSDN Bachelor of Design Program, I created this book. It tells this history of Atlantis and shares different theories of possible locations of the mythological continent through a unique and interactive narrative. The book incorporates history, narrative, illustration, layout design, typography, and book design. Read more on my Behance, or on my website
Alyson von Massow Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
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June 21, 2017
Areas of Specialty
Book Design, Branding
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Book Design, Branding, Corporate Communications, Illustration, Motion Design, Signage/Wayfinding, Typography
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Why am I a designer?
I love a good story. I love to tell stories, and more than that, I love to listen to stories. Design has the ability to communicate these stories, whether it be through type, image, brand identity, book design, motion design you name it. These stories have the ability to connect with people on an emotional level. Through typography, shape, form, colour, etc. designers are given the tools to tell stories in a unique and powerful voice. This excites me. This is why I am a designer. To tell my story, and more importantly, to help others tell theirs.
Why should you hire me?
I am a communicator. A connector. A story teller. I am detail-oriented, passionate, and organized and I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skills in whatever way I can.