Mitchell Press Industry Supplier
Member since
June 15, 2017
8328 Riverbend Court
V3N 5C9
Company description
Mitchell Press is a group of curious, creative and talented people focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences and results. We do this with a mix of environmentally progressive, award-winning Digital, Display, eCOMMerce storefronts, New Media and high speed, exceptional quality offset.
Why am I a supplier of RGD?
Our core values are aligned, we are all industry professionals providing exceptional value for our shared clients with integrity, creativity, curiosity and just a little sass.
How do I serve the design community?
We are the most amazing designer multi-tool one could dream of. Our team thrive on providing the best outcomes by traditional and non traditional means. We are here to provide surprise and delight.
What are some of the favourite projects I've worked on?
Hmm, have a couple hours? Some of the most satisfying outcomes occur when we are able to suggest an idea, a concept, an embellishment or technique that lifts the project and puts if past expectations. The best feedback is "I had no idea you guys could do that". Custom fabrication of a one of a kind thank you box for Serena Williams from Nike, helping launch a new wedding magazine to rave reviews, building CGI renderings that enable a client to blow past the competition on their Amazon page? The variety is incredible.