Kasia Hart Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
Treefrog Inc.
Graphic Designer
Member since
August 24, 2020
567 Davis Drive
L3Y 2P5
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Typography, Web Design
Other Capabilities
Illustration, UI Design
Languages Covered
English, French, Basic American Sign Language
Why am I a designer?
I am a graphic designer because I love the art and skill of telling a story. As people, I believe we are innately programmed to hear stories, to tell stories and remember them within the meaning of our own lives.

Graphic design tells stories about brands, people, society, culture and historical events. Anything that carries a message from a speaker to an audience. As designers we tell stories through deliberate choices of imagery, mood, associations, colors, shapes, words and emphasis.

When I was a design student, a mentor once told our class:

"Good" design begins with a tap on the shoulder - something special or unique drawing your attention (making you look or take notice).

"Great" design doesn't just get your attention - it holds it there and inspires, motivates, moves and perhaps even provokes.

But "Exceptional" design..... is fluid, effortless, intelligible and transparent. It is a story so artfully and skillfully crafted that the audience doesnt feel the "hand of design" in front of their face, or the labour or trappings of design.

For me, that is the benchmark. It's what draws me into my niche of branding and propels me to continue down the path of telling stories.
Why should you hire me?
Those who think they "don't need branding"....need branding.

Those who think to ask for "branding"...need to start a brand strategy.

As designers, we're trained to recognize the situations of both and to find solutions and pathways to success - through branding processes and brand strategy workshops.