Children are our future, and they can change the world with their creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Therefore, they are our biggest asset and resource in imagining a new future. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic and the school closure, families faced many challenges such as social isolation. Funlab's mission is to create a community that can grow together and eventually inspire others to generate a new and better future for children.
Yas Fakhr Provisional RGD (Junior/Intermediate Designer)
Member since
May 19, 2022
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Packaging, Typography
Other Capabilities
Book Design, Editorial Design, Exhibit Design, Information Design, Motion Design, Product Design, Web Design
Languages Covered
Company description
Yas is a Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer who loves to develop her designer and builder skills in exciting and innovative ways. She is passionate about Typography, Packaging and Environmental Design. Besides that, she loves spending time with her little cousins, drinking coffee and taking care of her plants!
Why am I a designer?
From an early age, design has always sparked a sense of enthusiasm and excitement within me. I found the field of Graphic Design through my early exposure to architecture and computer programming. Over time, I became completely enthralled in the vast field and spent hours exploring all its different forms.
Contributions to RGD
In my first year of studying at George Brown College, I represented the student body in the RGD’s student committee, where I strove to provide my peers with information regarding how to be more involved with the design community and create a wider network. In my third year, I extended my leadership role by being promoted to Co-chair of the student committee, where I was more heavily involved in RGD’s Board meetings and the Education Committee.