Editorial/Interactive Magazine Wholistic is a seasonal iPad and print magazine that features holistic topics such as nutritious recipes, health, wellness, fitness, and simple green friendly “Do-It-Yourself” projects. Wholistic magazine encourges people to live a more simple, eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank. Specs: iPad size: 9.4x6.6, Print size: 10x8, 6 articles, 48 pages
Ashley Giudice Provisional RGD
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November 3, 2014
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Branding, Web
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Why am I a designer?
As a designer, I try to focus on designing for a purpose. I strive to create projects that carry a positive impact on others around me. I am passionate about sustainability and the environment and always keep in mind how my work affects the world.
Why should you hire me?
Problem solving and critical thinking is how I tackle a project. I am detail oriented, organized, able to multitask and manage my time well. I am a proud graduate of the York University and Sheridan College’s joint Bachelor of Design program.