Forms & Agreements



The following collection of sample forms and agreements consists of material provided by Registered Members of the Association to be used for reference and customization.



The user is advised that these forms and sample agreements are generic and not intended to be used as is. They are provided as a source of information and reference only. Users are advised to consult professional legal advice and financial advice to ensure that their rights and interest are fully protected.

To download the forms and sample agreements and to find out more about how to use each document, click on the links below:

  1. Client/Design Brief
  2. Design Purchase Order
  3. Client Estimate / Quotation
  4. In-House Estimate Worksheet
  5. Design Proposal Letter
  6. Retainer Form Letter
  7. Change Work Form
  8. Job Approval Work Form
  9. Billing Docket
  10. Invoice
  11. Independent Contractor Agreement (General)
  12. Independent Contractor Agreement (Project-specific)
  13. Model / Talent Release Form
  14. Employee Contract
  15. Employee Performance Evaluation Form
  16. Copyright Agreement
  17. Non-compete Disclosure Agreement
  18. Client Evaluation of Agency Performance


Are we missing anything?

If you have ideas for additional sample forms and agreements that you’d like to see added to the list, please let us know at .