Client/Design Brief

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A design brief is a critical first step in building an understanding of a design project. It is a written document outlining all of the objectives, goals, rationale, milestones and audience to better inform and to build trust and clear communication between the designer, design team and the client. The brief should act as the most current and up-to-date point of reference for all the participants on the project.


When to Use This Form


At the beginning of the project to gather information about the work you will be completing together with your client. It is advised to share this final document with your client to get their approval and alignment on the project goals and overview.


Special Considerations


For Freelancers
Often the contents of the brief will be uncovered with the client through an initial meeting or phone call. Consider incorporating the contents of the creative brief into a client estimate, scope of work document or client contract to help cut down on documentation and get going on projects faster.


For In-House Designers

In-house departments could use this as a creative brief to get all the information about target audience, deliverables, etc. from their internal clients. Customizations for in-house departments could include adding fields for requisition/budget code information in the budget section of the form, and adding a section with a record and recap of client meetings so your whole team is aware of any changes.