Certification/Exam Board


  • Establishing and updating the eligibility process for taking the RGD Certification Process.
  • Creating a method for testing these candidates. A method that makes sure they meet the standards required to be certified as Registered Graphic Designers.
  • Ensuring the assessment is professionally credible, feasible, defensible, affordable and fair.



  • Must be a certified Registered Graphic Designer
  • Time to contribute to the work of the Board via email feedback, videoconference discussions and independent and group work.
  • Prior or current experience on the RGD Board is preferred.


Get Involved

  • Those interested in joining the Committee should fill out the online form: Get Involved with RGD.
  • Thos interested in coming Portfolio Evaluators for Candidates for RGD Certification should fill out the online form here.
  • Click here for a list of initiatives and other ways to get involved with the Committee's activities