• The Exam Board oversees the application process for RGD Certification. This includes reviewing all applicants to ensure they meet the Association's eligibility requirements and ensuring the their six portfolio pieces, as part of their written rationales, meet the criteria and specific requirements to be deemed eligible.

    Eligibility requirements are reviewed periodically and as needed to ensure they are up to date and relevant.

  • The Exam Board monitors the effectiveness of online testing for candidates, and regularly reviews of questions to ensure the test remains relevant.


    In 2015 new questions for the Business section were developed based on the new edition of RGD’s Professional Handbook, The Business of Graphic Design. In early 2016, the History section was replaced with the new Accessibility section based on the two handbooks on Accessible Design that were created by RGD in partnership with Ontario’s Accessibility Directorate.

  • The Exam Board reviews criteria & evaluation requirements for portfolio presentations as well as approves RGD Certified members to be on the Evaluation Commitee.


    As of 2015, the portfolio presentation is completely virtual so the board is always looking at ways to make this experience as seamless as possible for the candidate and reviewers.