Membership Committee


  • Examine the status of membership on an ongoing basis, including retention, recruitment and member satisfaction;
  • Propose, develop and review recommendations for programs and services available to members.
  • Propose, develop and review recommendations for membership recruitment strategies.
  • Propose, develop and review recommendations for new discounts and special offers to arrange for members.


  • (a) Review of Member Feedback - Make recommendations to address common areas of concern with a goal of increasing overall satisfaction in 2019 survey.


    (b) Raise Awareness of RGD

    - Develop and refine clear and concise lists of tangible AND intangible benefits to help promote RGD membership at all levels.

    - Develop initiatives to raise awareness of RGD, and particularly Certified RGDs, to the business community, such as through promotion of RGD directory and soon-to-be-available How to hire a designer pdf.

    - Discuss strategies/processes to promote newly Certified RGDs on social media.


    (c) Member Transitions

    - Create a “Path to Success” graphic that can be used to clearly explain the different categories of membership and the journey from Student to Certified RGD.

    - Develop strategies / communications to increase transition rates: Affiliate to RGD / Student to Prov/Junior AFF; Prov to to Certified RGD.


    (d) Team Membership

    - Develop value proposition, refine messaging and raise awareness of Team Membership with goal of raising our totals from the current 16 to 25.

    - Review messaging with in-house design departments with the plan to focus on this target audience. Seek input from in-house design managers. Recognize in-house interest in professional development, need to fight complacency.

  • Member Communications

    The Communications Committee oversees and assists with the development of all content posted to the RGD website and shared in our e-newsletter, RGD Word. 



    This program is only open to Provisional RGDs and Student RGDs in their final year of study may sign up for Mentorship Program. For a period of 9 months, you will have 6 sessions with your Mentor, 1 hour each. Sessions can be held locally or remotely depending on the location of both the Mentor and Mentee. How to get involved: Email .



  • Chair & VP: Brent Long RGD, Markham

    Brent is Principal & Co-founder of Fusion Design Group. He is a firm believer in asking “why” in the pursuit of creating design solutions that will work for his clients. And that “fun” should always be an integral part of the creative process. Brent leads with his strategic, creative and unique perspective, providing focus and direction, but most importantly support to his amazing team. In addition to sitting on RGD's Board, he is the advisory committees for  the Graphic Design Programs at Georgian, Humber and St. Lawrence College. 


    Randal Boutilier RGD, Toronto

    Randal is founding principal of 12thirteen, a firm focused on serving the non-profit and performing arts sectors. Word-of-mouth promotion has grown his client list from small businesses and independent artists to York University and the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


    Mary Davis RGD, Thunder Bay

    A self-proclaimed packaging enthusiast with a love for a good dieline, Mary strives to make the world a more colourful place one design at a time. As a Senior Graphic Designer at Korkola Design Communications in Thunder Bay, Ontario, she produces work for clients including Wildly Canadian and OLG.


    Denver Dewar RGD, Sudbury

    Another graduate of Cambrian’s esteemed Graphic Design program, Denver specializes in print production and website development. He has a combined expertise and passion for digital and physical products which has granted him the privilege to work with provincial and national companies and organizations. No stranger to teamwork, Denver has contracted and collaborated with local and international associates of the creative industry, together aiming to produce effective pieces of design and communications, with a focus on craftsmanship. Denver’s continually growing skills have expanded over the years to include search engine optimization, cross platform design, website analytics, brand reputation management and more.


    Andrew Edgecombe RGD, Toronto

    As Designer/Director and Consultant at andyegde ltd., Andy develops brands, websites and products, including helping Western University build awareness for their new ESL program, Tucows increase .ca domain sales by 20% and Uberflip quadruple their customer base in less then a year with a new brand nobody had ever heard of. Previously Andy worked at top ad agencies in London, UK, where he designed global brand guidelines, websites and ATL campaigns at agencies that included Y&R and Wunderman. 


    Wafé Gara RGD, Burnaby

    Wafé is a designer born and raised in Tunisia. The charm and chaos of living in an African country on the Mediterranean Sea taught her to find beauty in complex places, and to create more from having less. Heavily influenced by her two years in Paris conducting a Master of research in arts and visual culture, she learned to refine chaos into visual art. Wafé moved to Canada in 2013, she is a registered Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Vancouver, with four years of experience in non-profit organizations. She shares her work space with two goldfish and a puppy.


    Shanti Hadiotomo RGD, Toronto

    Shanti is an Interaction Designer at Intuit with over 8 years experience working with corporate and non-profit marketing and communication departments. She is well-versed in all facets of the design process with a strong focus on research, planning, testing and business strategy. 


    Norm Lourenco RGD, Toronto

    Norm is Creative Director and founder of Toronto-based Truth and Dare (formerly K9 strategy+design). Norm has 25 years of experience in creating strategies to execute branding and publication design for many of Canada’s small independent to large multi-title publishers and countless entrepreneurial, professional and non-profit clients with their design and communications opportunities.


    Elyse Maxwell RGD, Hamilton

    Elyse is a Senior Graphic Designer and Project Manager at Patch Design. From developing comprehensive branding systems to designing web and print materials, she uses her passion and curiosity to identify optimal solutions. Elyse is a life-long student with 6 years experience. She graduated from OCAD, and is currently pursuing a diploma in Marketing at McMaster.


    Angela Simon RGD, Simcoe

    Angela is Production Design Manager at Annex Business Media.


    Silvia Stanziola RGD, Ottawa

    A graduate from Cambrian College's Design Program, Silvia has been working in a Federal Government setting since 2012. Bringing in new solutions to Print Production and Illustration projects has been a fun journey and a challenge, specially in an environment that is progressively becoming more embracing of Graphic Design as an essential tool in Communications strategy.

  • Presented by Brent Long RGD at RGD's AGM on Aprl 27, 2017


    The primary mandates of this Committee are to examine the status of Membership on an ongoing basis, including retention, recruitment and Member satisfaction, and develop Member programs and services.


    Currently we have 3,730 Members, up from 3,217 members at this time last year. They include 788 Certified RGDs (up by 13); 100 RGD Emeritus Members (retired RGDs, up by 11); 357 Provisional RGDs (down by 40); 270 Affiliates (up by 70), 2,200 Student Members (up by 450) and 12 Corporate Members (now called Team Members – up by 7).


    The increase in Certified RGDs is great news but the decline with Provisional RGD Members is an issue that we are working to address. When a Provisional RGD becomes eligible to become Certified, they have only one year to go through the process or switch to Affiliate Membership. Similarly, we remain dissatisfied with the numbers of Student RGDs who make the transition to Provisional RGD Membership when they graduate. After much discussion, we have developed strategies to address both of these issues.


    In the coming months, RGD will be adding a new Membership Category (name still to be determined) which will be available to recent graduates as well as designers with up to 4 years of work experience. This Category will have annual dues of $60 ($20 less than the current Provisional dues) but it will not offer a professional designation nor other benefits related to professionalism such as a listing in the RGD Directory. Provisional RGD will remain as a Category but we will be raising the dues to $150, and designers will have the option to join this category upon graduation as well as up to when they have 8 years of professional work experience. New Provisionals will be required to do a basic virtual portfolio review to join this category and receive the Provisional RGD designation.


    In our plans to promote these changes to our Membership structure, we’ll be creating new communication tools that clearly document the different levels of Membership and the benefits associated with each.


    Related to Member communications, for the second year in a row, RGD created and distributed to Members a printed piece providing an outline of RGD activities. Called the RGD Field Guide, both issues have been designed pro bono by Forge Media + Design. One of the most valuable pages in this document is a matrix of member benefits which will be the starting point for our new communications.


    Another focus of the Committee over the last two years has been the development of the new, largely unknown Category of Corporate Membership that allows creative teams to be a part of the RGD community. In 2016, the Committee worked to promote and refine the value for this new Category of Membership and the result was an almost doubling of Corporate Members. In 2017, we have changed the name of the Category to Team Membership and will be working further refine the benefits and promote it to design firms and in- house creative agencies.


    I would like to thank our Committee for their work over the past year. They are Randal Boutilier, Andrew Edgecombe, Shanti Hadioetomo, Elyse Maxwell and Angela Simon.

  • Criteria:

    • Interest in and/or understanding of RGD membership categories and policies.
    • Time to contribute to the work of the committee via email feedback, teleconference discussions and independent and group work.
    • Must be a Member of RGD.


    Get Involved: 

    • Those interested in joining the Committee should fill out the online form: Get Involved with RGD.
    • Click here for a list of initiatives and other ways to get involved with the Committee's activities