Provisional Committee

The Provisional Committee was created to develop new ideas, programs and benefits for Provisional RGD members.

This Committee meets monthly. Committee members may participate in the evening meeting in downtown Toronto in person or virtually.


  • Designers + Drinks + Discussion

    Provisional RGD Design Socials provide an opportunity for emerging designers to connect with RGD guests to discuss industry trends, learn about career paths and discuss tips and advice about working as a professional designer.

  • Austin Mateka Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer



    Alan Joson Provisional RGD


    Austin is a creative and designer who has been consistently working and looking for new opportunities in a wide range of industries. From collaborating with people in advertising and print shops to transportation and health, his goal is to always produce exceptional work that reflects the companies' endeavours and client interests. Austin is currently freelancing, but searching to become part of an agency/studio team. He recently graduated from Humber College with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design.


    Heather Angell Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer, Forge Media + Design

    Heather is a graphic designer with a diverse work history. She combines her design education with past experience to create unique and viable solutions for clients including, The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, BMO, private healthcare provider Medcan, large Toronto real estate developers and creative agency Namara Represents. She currently works as a graphic designer at Forge Media + Design. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Seneca College and B.A. in Mass Communications from Ohio State University


    Rachel-Eden Hwang Provisonal RGD

    Rachel is a graphic designer who loves inspirations and believes in principled design. Through her life experience and receiving the Honours in BA and GDD, she learned that great design is not only aesthetic and functional, but is also inspiring and builds people up; tradition and innovation are not rivals, but they work better together. She specialises in print design and brand identity and received a number of graphic design awards such as GDC Salazar Print Award and a RGD DesignThinkers Vancouver Scholarship.


    Laura John Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer, Allied Technical Services Inc.


    Qing Li Provisional RGD, Toronto, Graphic Designer, Cygnus
    Qing is a designer who specializes in branding, web design and photography. He pays close attention when it comes to layout and typography, and also enjoy doing digital work, like coding and interactive design.


    David Tauro Provisional RGD

    David is an ambitious multi faceted designer and creative thinker. His skill set is deeply rooted within the structure and the development of visual communication vehicles and experiences. From post secondary studies within graphic design, David has continued developing as an industrial designer, a designer within marketing environments, and an enthusiast of wayfinding systems and strategies. A healthy combination of both an individual drive to succeed and compete along with a strong sense of collaboration ensures the success and quality of both large and small scale projects. David strongly believes that the execution of successful design is best achieved with strategy, intellect, planning through the creative process and the determination to create and deliver quality.


    Derek Veenhof Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer, Reimer Graphics

    Derek is a graphic designer & digital illustrator working in the sign industry with Reimer Graphics. His freelancing work as Shapestate Creative encompasses brand identity, logo design, print design, web design, layout and typesetting. He is an alumnus of Niagara College's graphic design program.
  • Presented by Heather Angell Prov. RGD at RGD's AGM on April 27, 2017


    Co-Chair, Austin Mateka; Members: Andrea Martens, Ben Constable, Brie Pointer, Chawana Champagne, Christina Dery, Daniela Luchetta, Jaimie Pullinger, Laura John, Qing Li, Rachel Broadbent, Teo Herman


    For most of 2016, Design Socials were held on a bi-monthly basis with an attendance of about 10 people, including the featured guest. Due to the low attendance, the Committee reworked the program. The main change was to begin charging for the event ($7/members, $12/non-members) and providing food. The name was also changed to “Designers + Drinks + Discussions” to be more descriptive of the event.


    The new structure launched in September 2016 and we immediately saw an increase of participants to about 25 people. The sessions have been happening steadily in Toronto, with the most recent in February having the best turnout yet of 37 people. Another event is being held in Toronto (in a fully accessible space) on May 2nd. It is sold out at 60 people and has a waitlist. At the start of 2017, a Designers + Drinks + Discussion event was held and well-attended in London. The committee is working on organizing nights in Kitchener/Waterloo, Oshawa and Hamilton.


    The Welcome Wagon initiative was intended to introduce new Members and answer any questions they might have about their Membership. Interest and attendance were extremely low. Committee members tried to revive the program with presentations and more consistent outreach. Unfortunately, participation continued to be low and the initiative was cancelled in June.


    Since the Mentorship Program was introduced in 2013, the turnout each year was only about 10 participants. Committee members Austin Mateka and Daniel Kim took on the task of reevaluating and restructuring the program. After discussions with the entire committee, the program was made more “exclusive” by having mentees sign-up and apply to work with a specific person from a list of mentors. The new structure lead to about 20 applications. Due to the high interest, some mentors took on two mentees for the duration of the program. We are now in the second round of the Mentorship program. Currently there 8 applications for the 11 announced Mentors. With increased promotion of the program on Facebook and other avenues, we are hopeful that all spots will be filled. In addition, to aid us in organizing the next round of the program, the committee created and sent out a survey for feedback so that we know what worked well and how to improve.


    The Provisional Committee has been hosting Study Groups to prepare candidates for RGD Certification. The groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in a virtual setting to discuss and review study materials, share notes and get advice from one of RGD’s Portfolio Evaluators. The last group was organized over January and February Association of Registered Graphic Designers AGM Minutes Apr 27, 2017 14 with about 5 participants. The plan is to host a new group in late spring / early summer.


    The Provisional and Student Committees had an information table at this year’s Creative Directions Conference to help promote to Students Members becoming Provisional members. Both committees designed signage and hand-outs to help attract members to the table for discussion. Overall, the table had a good response. The Committee noticed areas for improvement such as having an iPad at the desk to help with sign-ups and search the RGD site for information. In the coming months, the Committee will be discussing how to make the conference more relevant for Provisional Members.


    The Provisional Committee launched a Book Club this past fall in an effort to give Members an opportunity to learn more about design and related topics through reading and group discussion. There have been 3 meet-ups to date with an average of 5 people participating in each (in-person and virtually). The quality of the discussions have been high and one meet-up included a Q&A with the author. The next meet-up is May 16th and includes a Q&A with author Ellen Lupton.

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