2023/24 Student Committee

The Student Committee advises the RGD’s Board of Directors on how to best serve the needs of Student RGD Members, develops programs and services that benefit students, assists to raise awareness of the RGD at students and unites students from across Canada. If you would like more information and/or are interested in joining the Committee, email .


  • Madeline Belford, Co-Chair

    Conestoga College in Kitchener, ON
    Madeline is a graphic designer focused on creating branding, motion work and marketing to help clients and projects stand out. A third year Bachelor of Design Student, Madeline is committed to creating functional design solutions with both beauty and purpose. She is particularly interested in the intersection of social good with design and the ways in which design can be used as a vehicle to foster social change.
  • Leah Dunn, Co-Chair (She/Her)

    Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario

    Leah is a second-year graphic design student. Growing up her creative spirit was encouraged by her family and, as a result, she has spent her life as an artist and creator. In addition to visual art, she has a background in creative writing which inspired her love of editorial design, the field in which she hopes to build her career. Leah is passionate about sustainability. It is her belief that graphic design has a significant role in shaping our world, and she strives to create work that promotes inclusiveness and representation in addition to sustainable practices. 


  • Bella Sanchez, Co-Chair (she/her)

    Wilson School of Design at KPU in Vancouver, BC

    Bella is a multidisciplinary graphic designer in her third year of the Bachelor's Degree in the Graphic Design and Marketing program. With a background in digital and film photography and a certificate in Foundations in Design, Bella has always been inspired by the creative community. She finds developing a project from the research stages to reality greatly satisfying and fully recognizes the importance and necessity of the creative process. With a fine eye for detail integrated with insatiable curiosity and ambition, Bella is driven to create designs that will both galvanize and inspire people.



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  • Deanna Auger (she/her)

    St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON
    Deanna is a second year Graphic Design student. Deanna has an innate curiosity to learn, always studying a new skill or researching how said skill, impacts the environment. She is interested in print and paper, block printing and typography. She brings her interest in social good and being eco-friendly into design to tell a story and create meaning. Deanna carries problem-solving and collaboration experience from her years working in a professional environment and the ability to learn from each experience. 
  • Matteo Ferralasco

    Wilson School of Design at KPU in Vancouver, BC
    Matteo is a Sri Lankan-born Italian Canadian graphic designer now based in Vancouver, CA. He believes that his background and his experience living, studying and working in three different continents has highly influenced his exposure and understanding of design. He is a third year student. Matteo’s current interests include wayfinding, data, information design and editorial.
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  • Ellie Kim (she/her)

    Wilson School of Design at KPU in Vancouver, BC
    Ellie is a graphic design student enrolled in her third year of the Bachelor's in Graphic Design and Marketing program at Wilson School of Design. Ellie always has been drawn to creativity, and visual arts as a kid. Finding her passion for graphic design at 17, she loves to articulate her creativity through illustrating and drawing. She is the most passionate about concept development, illustration, branding and packaging design. Ellie is driven to create problem-solving, visually-captivating and inspiring design.
  • Sam Loiselle (they/them)

    York University in Toronto, ON
    Sam is in their third year of study working towards a Honours Bachelor’s in Design. They love to experiment with bold concepts and constantly strive to push the boundaries within their professional and personal creative pursuits. Sam’s interests lie in editorial design, branding, marketing and storytelling design. Sam hopes to run their own design studio in the near future, curating creative solutions for clients from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Michel Pennington (he/him)

    Algonquin College in Ottawa, ON
    Michel is a second-year student in the Advanced Diploma Graphic Design Program at Algonquin. He enjoys collaborating with his fellow students and supporting those who need help. He has a background in nursing, paramedics, firefighting and special effects makeup. As an entrepreneur, he has long helped filmmakers and clients achieve their vision by designing, sculpting, molding and casting the effects to be used in film. Art and fondness for typography has always been part of his life. So, mid-pandemic he decided to pursue his dream and returned to school once again to study graphic design.
  • Luke Spiteri

    OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario

    Luke is a graphic designer currently in his third year at OCADU where he is determined to improve his design skills and build a strong portfolio. His design interests are in typography and corporate branding. Ultimately, Luke would like to start his own full-time design studio. In the meantime, he does freelance work through his company, Spark Creative Consulting. Luke enjoys a challenge and accepts all design projects that come his way.



  • Kaoutar Taghi (she/her)

    Seneca College of Applied arts and Technology, ON
    Originally from Morocco, Kaoutar is a graphic design student. She developed an interest in design and art in her childhood and is now passionate about learning and developing her creativity. Her background in traditional arts and design foundations has helped her further experiment and explore design concepts. Her aspiration is to create projects that convey meaningful messages and create a positive impact on people’s lives. When not designing she loves to travel and learn about different cultures.
  • Michelle Tieu (she/her)

    York University in Toronto, ON
    Michelle is a third year Bachelor of Design student. She worked at the Dahdaleh Institute of Global Health at York as a publication designer for their inaugural Annual Report. Working at the Institute has opened Michelle up to new perspectives of health and design within global contexts. In her personal design practice, she is specializing in web design, UX/UI design and user research. Michelle believes in human-centred design and co-designing with stakeholders to create design solutions that are truly effective and add value to people’s lives. In the future, Michelle wants to work to design trans-disciplinary solutions to impending crises in humanitarianism, environmentalism and sustainability. 
  • Luis Vega (he/him)

    St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON
    Luis is a Colombian Graphic Design student. Always interested in art, he started discovering his creativity by doodling and trying new forms of art in school, which slowly led him into photography and Graphic Design. He hopes to help brands find their own unique image and voice eventually, but for now he’s dipping his toes into every other branch of design. Currently interested in Advertisement and UI design, you will probably see what he’s working on currently on his Instagram.