Student Committee

The Student Rep Committee advises RGD’s Board on how to best serve the needs of RGD Student Members, develops programs and services that benefit students, assists to raise awareness of RGD to students and unites students from schools across Canada. 


  • Danielle Wong Student RGD, Co-Chair

    Joseph Thoong Student RGD, Co-Chair

    Minal Adnani Student RGD

    Mary-Margaret Bati Student RGD

    Elyssa Biringer Student RGD

    Kristin Cornell Student RGD

    Alison Dawson Student RGD

    Xiaoyi Dong Student RGD

    Charlotte Durnford-Dionne Student RGD

    Peter Elima Student RGD

    Jonathan Elliot Student RGD

    Joseph Fawzy Student RGD

    Logan Finlay Student RGD

    Melanie Gagne Student RGD

    Misbah Intisar Student RGD

    Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD

Shantell Powell Student RGD

    Gopika Rajendran Student RGD

    Chelsea Schmidt Student RGD

    Kevin Scholz Student RGD

    Maisha Turner Student RGD

    Alexandre Venne Student RGD

    Brandon Wagar Student RGD


  • Presented by Joseph Thoong Student RGD, Co-Chair

 at RGD's AGM on April 18, 2020


    This year RGD’s Student Committee consisted of 22 students of various levels of secondary education in many different creative programs. The provinces represented were British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

    This year, we have been meeting once a month virtually for about 1 hour. The average attendance at these meetings was 8 to 10 people. One of the Committee’s goals for 2020/2021 is to try and increase attendance at these monthly meetings so we can get as much feedback as possible.


    The Committee Co-Chairs Joseph Thoong (VIU- Graphic Design) and Danielle Wong (UofA- Visual Communication Design) provided Members with full minutes after each meeting via our new Student Committee Slack.

    For the majority of the school year, our main project has been on the Graphic Design Students of Canada survey that was reported on at last year's AGM. With 30 questions, this will be a document that encapsulates what the next generation of graphic designers look like. This will be for the use of employers, educators and other students. Questions range from what our favourite classes are to where we’d like to work; this document will be a reflection of our time in school and what the future of our industry has to offer. Our goal was to have this launch in May 2020, but unfortunately due to the current global pandemic, we have decided to postpone this survey until September 2020.

    Another project the Student Committee has been working on is the creation of a Student RGD
    Slack channel. As more employers move on to Slack, and students are increasingly moving
    away from Facebook, it only makes sense that we use this opportunity to bring together the RGD Student Members onto a new platform. Other benefits are that Slack has more opportunities to
    generate conversation on different topics through its channel system.

    The committee has also been busy with promoting RGD programs and events throughout our schools through printed posters or social media, with our goal being to distribute and raise awareness to the RGD programming that is available to students. This includes the RGD Student Awards, Designathons as well as the Creative Directions conference coming up.

    For most students across Canada our time in school was suddenly cut short with the outbreak of COVID-19. Therefore our current goal is to meet more frequently than usual to discuss ways our Committee can support students during this time of uncertainty. This includes ways of revisiting the RGD Student Challenges while students are home and ways we can showcase the hard work of graduates in light of most grad shows being cancelled or postponed.

    As Danielle is graduating this spring and will be stepping down as Co-Chair of the RGD Student Committee, I’d like to personally thank her on behalf of the Student Committee for her service to graphic design students across Canada. Unfortunately, this means I will need to find another Committee Member to take Danielle's place next year.

    I would also like to thank all of our Committee Members for their hard work and dedication as well as the RGD and all of its Members for giving us the opportunity to speak on behalf of students across Canada. I am very excited to be continuing my role as student representative for one more year on the RGD Board of Directors. I think this year's Committee has accomplished a lot within a shorter school year than expected and I am thrilled with what our plans include for the future.

  • Presented by Rebecca Black, RGD Student Committee Co-Chair and Student Representative on RGD’s Board of Directors and Joseph Thoong, RGD Student Committee Co-Chair and Student Advisor to RGD’s Board of Directors.



    This year, RGD’s Student Committee included Members from all across Canada from a diverse variety of creative programs. We had a total of 25 Members spanning British Columbia to Nova Scotia, ranging in program studies such as Graphic Design, Interaction Design and Technology and Production Design.



    RGD’s Student Committee met every few months, virtually for about 1-2 hours per session. The Co-Chairs, Rebecca Black (Cambrian College - Graphic Design) and Joseph Thoong (VIU - Graphic Design) provided Members with full minutes after each meeting through our Student Committee Facebook Group.



    RGD’s Student Committee continued to work on expanding social media initiatives created by the 2017/2018 Student Committee - including the #RGDStudentChallenges hashtag used on Instagram for students to post and tag work relevant to the current challenge criteria. Some Student Challenges put out on Instagram included a ‘Seasonal’ theme over the winter of 2018 and ‘Nature’ in the spring.


    The Committee also worked to promote RGD programs and events to Committee Representatives’ schools. These initiatives included having the Representatives take an active role in social media promotion within their program and schools to promote RGD events. Additionally, Student Reps were in charge of printing and distributing posters promoting RGD’s 2019 Student Awards throughout their schools to encourage more entries, broaden submissions and raise awareness of RGD programming.


    The Student Committee has also been working to promote the RGD Designathon events, now happening nationwide. At one Committee meeting, Saskia Van Kampen, RGD’s VP of Education on the RGD Board of Directors - joined to discuss how to improve Designathon events and make them more accessible and engaging for students.


    Another project the Student Committee has been diligently working on is the creation of a Student Survey for Student RGDs on how to better communicate with them and improve events and activities for students across the country.


    Finally the Student Committee has been working on a re-commencement of RGD’s Student Podcast - Minds of Design, with the help of former Committee Co-Chair, who spearheaded the podcast, and Provisional RGD representative on RGD’s Board of Directors, Jordan Jackson. Jordan participated in another one of our Committee Meetings to explain the steps involved in creating new episodes for the Minds of Design podcast  and now the Student Committee is hard at work planning future instalments for the series.


    As I am graduating this spring, we hope that Joseph Thoong will take over the role of Student Representative on RGD’s Board of Directors and recruit another Student Member to join him as Co-Chair.


    The RGD Student Committee would like to thank RGD and all its Members for the opportunity to have a voice within the design community. It is truly invaluable. And I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank RGD’s Board of Directors for the opportunity to work with them. I have learned so much attending the monthly Board meetings and look forward to continuing to be involved as I get ready to transition to becoming a Provisional RGD.
  • Presented via recorded video by Jordan Jackson Student RGD at RGD's AGM on April 25, 2018


    This year’s 2017-2018 Student Committee consisted of 32 students from various schools and program levels from Toronto, London, Ottawa, even Vancouver! The committee met virtually once a month to discuss plans for the year, ongoing as well as new projects, and student involvement in upcoming events.


    Since we had significantly more students than last year, we operated two meeting dates per month where I would work alongside Hilary to run the meeting one day, while Co-Chair Logan McKinnon would tackle the other.


    The committee has been focusing on two main projects this year. Due to some initial delays, our student-run and focused podcast, Minds of Design, which was supposed to launch last year, ended up launching in early September. We continued the project with two other episodes in November and January and have received some great feedback from both students and industry professionals alike. We are currently looking at the possibility of recording more episodes before this year’s term ends in September. I have been spearheading the podcast (from a technical and hosting standpoint) and at that time we will look at the program’s feasibility for continuation into next year as I will be graduating. Hopefully we have someone up to the task and has a little bit of a flair for the dramatic like I do.


    Our second main project has been focusing on student member involvement over Instagram. Launched in February, we created a monthly challenge for students called #RGDStudentChallenges. These challenges ask students to post a new (or legacy) design they’ve done that pertains to the theme for that specific month. In February our theme was red, March it was Nature, and April has been “From Concept to Completion”. Each month RGD has selected a few standout designs to be featured on and a select few individuals who have posted outstanding work for all three themes will be shown on a small display at DesignThinkers Vancouver.


    Success of the program has varied from month to month but students who are engaging have really enjoyed the program. Even in our short run it has already done better than our DesignThinkers Scholarship social media program. The idea of using RGDStudentChallenges in replacement of the current Designthinkers Scholarship format was brought up at our last meeting. Further discussions will happen following the AGM to determine the specifics of this change.


    In conclusion, this has been another successful year with the Student Committee with a lot of dedicated student volunteers that are eager to improve the already great Student Member program.