Student Committee

The Student Rep Committee advises RGD’s Board on how to best serve the needs of RGD Student Members, develops programs and services that benefit students, assists to raise awareness of RGD to students and unites students from schools across Canada. 


  • Jordan Jackson Student RGD, Co-Chair

    Logan McKinnon Student RGD, Co-Chair

    Andrea Abello Student RGD

    Megan Baker Student RGD

    Alexandra Batista Student RGD

    Rebecca Black Student RGD

    Allison Cake Student RGD
Paul Ching Student RGD

    Mickayla Christie Student RGD

    Kimberley Cruea Student RGD

    Simon Dunford Student RGD

    Kristine Feliciano Student RGD
Logan Finlay Student RGD

    Forrest Heard Student RGD

    Luisa Jahn Student RGD
Leah Johnson Student RGD

    Bianca Jozwiak Student RGD

    Palwasha Khan Student RGD

    Sarah Kim Student RGD
Andreane Labrosse Student RGD
Rebecca Mitchell Student RGD

    Soraiyah Mohammed Student RGD

    Anissa Pahlke Student RGD
Shantell Powell Student RGD

    Rebecca Quinton Student RGD
Scott Rigmond Student RGD

    Rami Shouk Student RGD

    Joe Thoong Student RGD

    Maisha Turner Student RGD

    Brandon Wagar Student RGD

    Rebecca Westcott Student RGD
  • Presented by Jordan Jackson Student RGD at RGD's AGM on April 27, 2017


    This years 2016-2017 Student Committee consisted of 23 students from various schools and program levels from Toronto, London, Ottawa, Barrie and Hamilton. The committee met once a month (mostly virtually) to discuss plans for the year, on going as well as new projects, and student involvement in upcoming events.


    The committee main project last summer was to develop the new student website. That is still in the works, with most of the back end development being finished, and only content and some functionality to be figured out. The committee also worked a lot on engaging student involvement on the Facebook group, and that has seemed to keep moving forward as well, with new students joining every month.


    Taking advantage of this, this year’s committee decided to come up with new ideas on how to provide more content that students could directly benefit from. The committee benefited from having a member with experience on creating a podcast, and we thought creating our own would be a great channel for getting information from the industry to the students. The committee collected questions from each of their schools, worked to refine them, and recorder their first podcast on April 26th. There will be more scheduled to happen throughout the summer.


    With both DesignThinkers and Creative Directions happening through the 2016- 2017 year, the committee also helped promote both RGD and these events through word of mouth, social media and printed materials. The committee was able to share a volunteer table at Creative Directions (along with the Provisional RGD’s) to promote the student committee for the upcoming school year as well as RGD benefits. These methods interested various students attending the event and we hope to see their involvement in the future.

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    • Those interested in joining the Committee should fill out the online form: Get Involved with RGD.
    • Click here for a list of initiatives and other ways to get involved with the Committee's activities