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RGD Members are a community of like-minded professionals with access to professional development, resources and a vibrant exchange of information. RGD presents a unified, credible voice as we work together to raise awareness of the value of design.


Certified RGD

Provisional RGD Student RGD Affiliate
Junior Affiliate
Annual Cost $375 $175 $40  $300 $75 

Successful completion of RGD Certification

Post-secondary grad, 0-8 years experience, completion of portfolio review

Enrolment in post-secondary program

Open to all

0-4 years experience












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Categories on the Path to Certification

  • With Professional Designation to be used after your name on CV, LinkedIn, in profiles, etc.
  • Eligibility requirements beyond paying a fee
  • Adhere to RGD's Code of Ethics.
  • Opportunities to contribute directly to RGD goals and give back.

Student RGD

  • Enrolment (part- or full-time) in any recognized post-secondary program
  • $40 annual dues (academic year - Sept-Aug)

Provisional RGD

  • Graduation from a recognized post-secondary program
  • 0 to 8 years experience 
  • Portfolio Review by a Certified RGD
  • $175 annual dues

Certified RGD

  • 7 or more years of relevant education & experience (up to 4 years education)
  • Successful completion of RGD Certification
  • $375 annual dues


General Categories

  • No Designation
  • Access to RGD programs, services, discounts, etc.


  • Open to all 
  • $300 annual fee 

Junior Affiliate

  • 4 years or less professional experience
  • $75 annual fee


Other Options


Team Member

  • Any organization that employs designers
  • Memberships for 5 or more design or related professionals
  • Annual fee starting at $1,425 


  • Any organization that offers products or services to designers


Illustration by: Mateusz Napieralski