Membership Categories

RGD Members are a community of like-minded professionals with access to professional development, resources and a vibrant exchange of information. RGD presents a unified, credible voice as we work together to raise awareness of the value of design. Review all Member Categories and benefits.


Certified RGD

Provisional RGD Student RGD Affiliate Junior Affiliate
Annual Cost $335 $150 $40  $275 $50 

Successful completion of RGD Certification

Post-secondary grad, 0-8 years experience, completion of portfolio review

Enrolment in post-secondary program

Open to all

Post-secondary grad, 0-4 years experience












Categories on the Path to Certification

- With Professional Designation to be used after your name on CV, LinkedIn, in profiles, etc.

- Eligibility requirements beyond paying a fee

- Adhere to RGD's Code of Ethics.

- Opportunities to contribute directly to RGD goals and give back.


Student RGD

- Enrolment (part- or full-time) in any recognized post-secondary program

- $40 annual dues (academic year - Sept-Aug)


Provisional RGD

- Graduation from a recognized post-secondary program

- 0 to 8 years experience 

- Portfolio Review by a Certified RGD

- $150 annual dues


Certified RGD

- 7 or more years of relevant education & experience (up to 4 years education)

- Successful completion of RGD Certification

- $335 annual dues


General Categories

- No Designation

- Access to RGD programs, services, discounts, etc.



- Open to all 

- $275 annual fee 


Junior Affiliate

- Graduation from a recognized post-secondary program

-  4 years or less relevant experience

- $50 annual fee


Other Options


Team Member

- Any organization that employs designers

- Memberships for 5 or more design or related professionals

- Annual fee starting at $1,200 



- Any organization that offers products or services to designers