Provisional RGD Membership

Feedback from new Provisional RGDs

"My portfolio review was a very positive and constructive experience. My reviewer was extremely knowledgeable and provided some great advice, feedback and insight. It was really good practice to talk about my projects and going through the process helped me realize how I can improve and what I can change when going in for an actual interview."

Farzana Sunderji Prov. RGD

"My portfolio review meeting was fantastic. My reviewer was wonderful and gave me lots of great actionable feedback about my portfolio."

Lizzy Devine Prov. RGD

"I really enjoyed the portfolio review required as a part of Provisional RGD Membership. It was nice to receive advice and encouragement from someone who has been in the creative industry for a long time."

Jamie Lyon Prov. RGD


Stand out in the Crowd

As a Provisional RGD, you display your commitment to design professionalism and have the opportunity to connect with employers, colleagues and clients. Review the benefits here!



- Graduation from a post-secondary program*

- 8 or less years of professional experience

* proof of graduation is requested as a scan/copy of transcript or diploma



$150 + HST in January for 12 Months of Membership

Fee is pro-rated as of February ($12.50 per month until the end of the year)


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Next Steps

- After submitting the Application, you will be asked to complete a form to identify preferences a Portfolio Review (required as part of Provisional RGD Membership) and we will contact you to put you in touch with your Portfolio Reviewer. These can take place virtually or in-person, depending on your location and the availability of Reviewers.



Email or call 1 888 274 3668 x 22.