Recording and Highlights of the RGD's Designing for the AODA Webinar

Last week, Adam Spencer, President, AbleDocs, conducted a webinar to discuss compliance under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). 


The AODA requires businesses and non-profits to follow accessibility standards developed by the government for any content being created and distributed to the public or clients. 


“I cannot stress enough, we now have a compliance deadline of June 30th, don't wait, don't hesitate to add accessibility as part of your offering to either your business or your client's and just make it a part of your practice.” explained Adam during the webinar. 
Below, Marc Lauriault RGD highlights Adam's advice on creating and producing accessible content:
  • Don't be reactive, be proactive while creating content. It helps to create a strategy to ensure that the content you're creating is accessible from the start. It is very difficult to convert it after.
  • The standards set for accessibility make the content more approachable, distributable, reusable and can be viewed on various devices. 
  • There is no one set solution or checklist to create accessible content. It’s about how you put content on a page to ensure that it's accessible and machine-readable.
  • Understand how the content is going to be consumed and 
make the structural accessibility the fundamental aspect of your design. 
  • It is important to put a budget together and work through it so that when the deadline hits, you don't have to deal with a mountain of content but a new process as part of your internal organization.
  • Take expert advice, ask questions and educate your clients
Watch the recording of the webinar below:


Adam will host a webinar titled Creating Accessible Online Documents on February 18. The webinar includes designing your PDF in InDesign

, working in Acrobat to build accessible features

 and demonstrating how it can be consumed


Stay tuned for more AbleDocs programming. 


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