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In-House Design Conference
Whether you're an in-house design department of one or part of a creative team that spans multiples offices in multiple countries, RGD's In-House Design Conference is made for you. Our Conference programming is designed to hone your skills, augment your value to your team and provide tactics to advance the strategic role of design within your organization.


RGD's first In-House Design Conference in April 2019 in Ottawa.


What attendees have to say

"I loved networking with peers. Working alone for so many years in an environment where there are no other creatives gives you a skewed perception of yourself and value. I left the conference with a renewed excitement for what I do for a living, and better sense of what I want for the future."

"Thank you for acknowledging and supporting in-house design. I feel seen and heard, and for the first time, appreciated and supported."

"The focus on in-house design was really valuable - it was great to be in a room full of people who just “get” the issues. It was easy to demonstrate the relevance of this conference to my employer and get their support on attending."

"I liked the opportunity to meet others in similar government and in-house design teams. It was great to be able to network and talk about the similar challenges we face. I loved the fact that I felt supported by this community and that all of the speakers were able to communicate our value."

"It hit all the main reasons I am a RGD member: staying connected to colleagues, continued education, add planning tools to my tool kit and get inspired!"



Josh McInerney RGD speaking at RGD's In-House Design Conference.


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RGD's next In-House Design Conferences are set to take place in December 2019 on Canada's west coast and in April 2020 in Ottawa.


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