Provisional Membership Application Form
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    Please select any of the following that are important to your identity. (We plan to use this information to better understand RGD's Membership and ensure we are accessible, relevant and inclusive to all. This information will not be shared publicly.)
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    Current Employer

    Applicants who have graduated from a graphic design program need not be currently employed to be eligible for Provisional RGD Membership. Applicants who have graduated from a non-graphic design program must be employed in the field to be eligible for Provisional RGD Membership.



    How many years have you been working in the field of graphic design? This does not include education or experience accumulated while a student.


    You may have no more than 8 years of relevant, professional experience to be eligible for Provisional RGD Membership.

    Post-Secondary Education

    Submit proof of graduation below.

    Proof of graduation

    Upload proof of graduation in the form of a scan/copy of diploma or transcript (required as part of your application). If you are submitting a transcript, please ensure the date of graduation is indicated.

    Payment Information

    RGD will be in touch regarding payment once your membership has been approved.

    Membership Fee:

    Jan - Dec: $175
    The fee is pro-rated as of February on a monthly basis ($14.60 per month).

    (in Canadian dollars, not including sales tax based on your location within Canada. There is no tax outside of Canada.)



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    Next Steps

    Once you complete this application, you will be redirected to a preferences form for your portfolio review. After both forms are completed, you will receive details for your review. Once it has taken place, you will receive a link to pay your dues for the remainder of the year.

    Applications are reviewed to ensure information is accurate and treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any person who is not a part of the review process.


    If accepted as a Provisional RGD, you will be notified by email, at which time you will receive a digital Membership card identifying your status as a Provisional RGD in the Association of Registered Graphic Designer (RGD).



    Contact: Zaria Pucknell