How to apply
You must fit one of the following:
  • 7 years combined of education (2-4-year post-secondary design-related diploma or degree) and relevant work experience (3-5 years).
  • 10 years of education (maximum 4 years of post-secondary diploma or degree in any discipline) and/or relevant work experience (6+ years). 

  • Seniority: 15 or more years of relevant work experience.** 

NOTE: In all cases above, if more than one year of work experience is freelance/client-based you must submit a list of 5-10 clients to


Application Requirements

1. Complete the APPLICATION FORM, with a record of your education and experience.

2. Arrange for relevant official, educational transcript(s) be sent to RGD*. Provisional RGDs have transcripts on file so no need to resend. Other applicants with 10 or more years of experience need not send a transcript.
3. Submit 6 rationales for work to be presented as either a Practitioner; Manager OR Educator. For details, click here.

4. Your complete application will be reviewed by our Eligibility Review Committee.

5. Eligible applicants will be asked to pay an adminstration fee (CDN$150 plus applicable taxes; discounts for Prov RGDs and Affiliate RGDs.)

6. Further details on procedures and scheduling for the Online Test** and Portfolio Presentation will follow. Generally, the process takes 3-4 weeks from application to RGD membership.


NOTE that the application form does time out after 5 minutes. Some applicants find it helpful to get all the necessary information collected in advance of approaching the form. Download this pdf preview of the form to see what info you'll need:

RGD Online Application Form Preview


* Send transcripts to: Jules Hobin, RGD, 96 Spadina Ave Ste 210, Toronto ON M5V 2J6

**Those applicants with Seniority status are exempt from 3 out of the 5 sections of the Online Test. Only the mandatory Rules of Professional Conduct and Accessibility sections must be completed.