Online Test


  • Sections are Business, Accessibility, Ethics, Design Principles & Design Research.
  • Can be taken at a webcam enabled computer from any location at any time.
  • Books and notes may be used during the Test and you will have access to the digital PDFs that are owned by RGD: Accessibility Handbook, Code of Ethics & the RGD Handbook (other electronic devices are not permitted).
  • All questions are multiple-choice.
  • You have 80 minutes (15 minutes/12 questions per section (expect Ethics section you have 20 minutes/15 questions).
  • RGD lends review texts to eligible candidates in Canada for up to 2 months.
  • Candidates with 15 years of a combination of relevant work experience and education are exempt from writing the Business, Principles and Research sections but must pass the Accessibility and Ethics sections.
  • All candidates must correctly answer 11 of 15 questions in the mandatory Accessibility and Ethics section to pass.
  • Passing marks for non-mandatory sections are based on a statistical analysis of the top quintile of past candidates.
  • How many non-mandatory sections you need to pass is based on the results of your Portfolio Presentation.
  • If you fail a section that you are required to pass, you must retake it.


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