The aim of this section is to ensure RGDs work professionally with their clients and understand the fundamental principles of operating a business in Canada.



The Business of Graphic Design: The RGD Professional Handbook

  • 1. During an employment interview, which of the following questions is it inappropriate, and illegal, to ask in most jurisdictions?

    (a) How do you manage priorities when they seem to conflict with one another?

    (b) Do you have any children?

    (c) What is your salary expectation?

    (d) What experience have you had working directly with clients?


    Correct Answer: (b)


    2. You operate your own design business and have two steady clients who provide you with adequate work to keep you and your business financially secure. Should you seek to increase the number of clients you serve?

    (a) Yes, you should increase your client base to increase your visibility and clout when applying for awards.

    (b) No, having too many clients will significantly increase the administrative burden on your business.

    (c) Yes, if you have more clients, you can charge your existing clients more.

    (d) Yes, you should increase your client base to ensure you are not too dependent on any one client to keep you financially secure.


    Correct Answer: (d)