Virtual Portfolio Presentation

Portfolios are presented virtually over 30 minutes to 3 RGD Reviewers. Candidates present the same 6 pieces submitted as part of the RGD Certification application.


An RGD staff member will virtually meet with each candidate in advance of the presentation to test meeting software compatibility, review the presentation process, and answer any questions the candidate may have.

Reviewers are looking for 3 main things:        

1. Your ability to articulate your role in the project

2. Your ability to articulate the design process and project goals

3. Your ability to demonstrate professional standards


Design Practitioner Portfolio Presentation Standard

1. Applicant has clearly articulated and demonstrated sufficient competence showing:

  • the contribution in each project in written and verbal submissions
  • the project brief
  • approach to design process
  • design process
  • how the design solution and deliverables satisfied project goals and objectives
  • appropriate handling of special or unique circumstances and/or challenges
  • ability to create and develop own design ideas

2. Work presented consistently demonstrates applicant has good command of the basic principles of: usability, composition, typography, imagery, colour.

Download detailed evaluation criteria below:

Download Design Practitioner Evaluation