At Work
  • Provide reusable dinnerware and cutlery to discourage single-use items
  • Offer sustainable, locally-sourced snacks for staff and at meetings
  • Decrease the environmental impact of your office coffee station: choose a machine that does not use pods, provide reusable spoons for stirring, avoid single-use sugar packets
  • Clarify recycling codes with signage in common areas to encourage good recycling habits; Recycling Codes Summary and Recycling Codes Detailed
  • Reuse packaging materials that you receive to protect goods you ship out
  • Source eco-friendly office supplies; The Raw Office is a B Corp alternative with affordable purchasing options
  • Support your local community; purchasing goods from locally-based suppliers creates nearly twice as much benefit to the local economy as buying from multi-national chains
  • Add plants to your office to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve well-being
  • Set up sensors and timers to optimize the energy performance of lighting, printers, electronics and more
  • Work with your IT team to set the printer to automatically print double-sided to save paper
  • Skip printing documents for review; view them digitally and provide feedback by email or digital mark-up
  • Encourage sustainable transportation such as walking, biking, public transit and carpooling with subsidies or incentives
  • Ensure new employees are aware of sustainability measures in place at the office; encourage your HR team to include it as part of on-boarding
  • Start a Green Team at your office and put these tips to use

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